About Us

ROC Introduction

This video introduces the non-profit, the Research Oenovation Collective and our role in inspiring innovation in the US Wine Industry. This video was made specific for professional vintners, grape growers, winemakers and viticulturists who understand the importance of continuous improvement and how innovation can improve your processing techniques, inspire new products and move your winery closer to environmental sustainability.


The non-profit Research Oenovation Collective, The ROC, leads the advancement of practical winemaking by providing a collaborative platform for applied research and innovation.


The ROC delivers continuous improvement through interdisciplinary applied research linking scientific discovery to winemaking innovation.

Research Statement

The ROC research strategy includes administration of a comprehensive applied research platform where cooperation and collaboration yield practical results. In addition, benchmarking innovative approaches with interdisciplinary focus will deliver diverse partner benefits.

Analysis Statement

Reliable analytical data is at the very heart of any research project. The ROC is committed to bringing analytical rigor and consistency to each of our collaborative trials

ROC Communications Statement

Communication is a key component of all ROC functions. From providing opportunities for industry partners to clearly understand each other to facilitating seminars introducing the latest innovations for the industry on through dissemination of research results, the ROC strives for transparency in all activities.

ROC trials are characterized by the three I’s

  • Introduction

    New practices, processes or products which impact winemaking.
  • Innovation

    Use of existing tools and methods to impart differentiation in winemaking practices.
  • Iteration

    Trials done with repetitions both within and between regions to gain statistical significance in results.

Core Values

These are the values we foster in all interactions with members, sponsors, vendors, research partners and with each other.



We work in an industry where attention to detail, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are the difference between ordinary and exceptional.  We choose exceptional.


We treasure the trust our partners and members place in us and work every day to be worthy of it. In doing so we build lasting relationships.


We have come together to solve problems and create solutions that are better than those we could have achieved as individuals.


We are a perpetual work in progress, continuous improvement is our fundamental platform. We approach every challenge with open minds to deliver breakthrough solutions.


We achieve nothing alone. We are grateful and thankful to those who help us achieve. We give back to each other, our partners and our professional community.


We are open with each other, our partners and our professional community. Our communication strategy reflects this not just because it is the most efficient way to work, it is the right thing to do.


We strive to see from the perspective of our members and partners as well as ourselves. We encourage communication and we listen. We make challenges and problems our own, then we solve them.


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